7″ Bone


7″ Bone-Solid bone colored body pour with slight Hi Lite Violet accents. This bait color is in line with what most people know about this type of swimmer. If you are from up north you know how lethal this color can be on top of the water and down below. From spinners, to spooks, to cranks, this bone color has really made a splash. So it was a no brainer to roll out a version of it in the 7″ Swim Bait. Some great uses for this bait are to cast it right on the shore line let it sink for one second and crank it back really fast like a spinner in the Action version. It mimics a fish running hard away and bass pound it. Another great variation we like to use here at SlamKO is we will rig this up in a weightless version and creep it across the water like a spook or top water bait. That little bit of tail action across the top creates a really unique wake behind the bait and when a bass hammers these on the surface it’s quite a site to see.

12 in stock (can be backordered)