7″ One off Swim Bait #1206


We do a lot of testing here at SlamKO baits. We pour dozens of new color samples and styles all the time testing. We pour lots of colors we love that never make it to the product floor for production. These are typically one of or a set of five or six pours we make. Since we have nothing we can do with them after we pour them we offer them to clients at a substantially discounted rate. These are full working models.

Disclaimer: Because of their beta nature some baits may have very minor imperfections or over pour lines etc. These do not effect the baits performance in any way they are simply the byproduct of pouring the baits for testing. Baits in the one off category will have been handled more than other baits and may have signs of physically handling but are guaranteed to have never been in the water or in use. This category exist to help offset the cost of beta testing while offering you, our clients, the opportunity to purchase a one of a kind bait. And who knows, maybe one of these will be your secret sauce.

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