Today is our first birthday! It’s officially our first year of pouring and now offering our products online through our online store. It’s up and running. From here you can discover our products we pour, new products we are rolling out (which will be happening soon) as well as fun offers and specials we may have going from time to time. 

So what can you expect from our company in the near future? Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients and customers. We want to provide top tier baits, all hand poured here in the states at competitive rates, crafted and designed by our team of seasoned professionals who know what works and how to use them. We are fisherman first, this means you can expect high quality baits that perform. We spend time testing and experimenting both in house and with local pros to learn what’s really effective and then provide you with those baits. 

At this time we will only be offering our popular 7″ Custom Poured Swim bait bodies online but we are currently rolling out a full line of stick baits and worm baits we use all the time here locally that are tried and trues. These will begin populating the website sometime next month as we roll out new products. We suggest you sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up on all the new products we are offering. 

Our Swimbaits are popular in the Northern California area because they are built on local experience as well as native bait found in the northern California lakes. One thing that really sets apart our baits is the way we make them. They are all hand crafted using only the highest quality materials. Our plastics are industry leading mixtures that prevent fading and premature wear or discoloration. Our weights are all custom CNC machined parts so you get exacting weights with no drift, and our accessories like the eyes are all high quality wear resistant materials. We take the necessary steps to really extend the baits life. Things like high quality plastics ensure that if you should find yourself in a situation with one of our baits where you tear or puncture, you can use Mendit to quickly repair the damage and carry on fishing. 

On top of that we also do small things like Glue all our eyes in the baits as well. This ensure you don’t find yourself losing eyes after a few hits. Just small details that make a big difference when you’re buying into a bait supplier for a long time. 

So hopefully, you will take the time now that you’re hear to try out one of our amazing swim baits and see how effective they are for yourself. In the next blog we will discuss how to rig and use the different types of swim bait styles we supply.


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