Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How do I get a custom pour?

Have a great idea for a color design? Shoot us a line and we will connect with you as soon as possible to figure out how to accommodate your request. Custom color pours are priced separately from our regular line of baits and have a minimum order requirement of six baits. 

What if I don't have a Paypal Account

Yes, if you follow the Paypal instructions for payment at the payment pop up window there will be a box you can select that says pay with card. From there you can input your card details and complete your purchase. We prefer Paypal as a processor because they have a long track records of safe and secure transactions. 

How long will delivery take?

All items ship out next business day in most cases. In the event you have ordered a custom bait pour, you can expect it to take 3-5 business days to complete the pour at which time the items will be placed in the mail the following business day from completion. 

What exactly happens after ordering?

You receive your baits and catch really big fish! 

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

In most cases paypal will send you a receipt for you order. However, if you are a commercial operator and need a formal invoice for tax purposes beyond what paypal offers you can contact us directly through our contact form and we will email you a formal invoice from our office. 

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